For more information on our pooper scooper and dog waste cleanup services you can contact                                                                                       us by e-mail, phone, or send us a quick message below:                         Call: 551-888-1090



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"John is the best. He's extremely professional and always friendly. My yard is always clean each week and my dogs are happy. My son is happy he doesn't have to pick up anything either. Don't hesitate to sign up.”

- Lou


“Highly recommend John!!! He does an amazing job. After this long, dragged snowy winter, my yard was filled with lots of poop piles everywhere..John came and removed every last one!!! My yard looks new again...Will use his services again!!! As far as I am concerned, he is the best!!!!”

- Gia

“John has been 'scooping' our yard for what seems like a lifetime and I would highly recommend In the Line of Dooty!! He arrives every any weather. He does a thorough job, he is kind to our dogs and he even emails when he'll be coming on a different day. Would not choose anyone else!!”

- Lisa H.

“I am very happy with In the Line of Duty and owner John.
Signing up for his service has increased the quality of my life, my children and my pet.
The argueing over who did it last or was do to clean up after the dog stopped entirely and I happily do not need to take a turn doing my least favorite chore ever. I now enjoy my pet more since I no longer have to pick up after my dog or ever get caught off guard and step in a surprise pile ruining yet another pair of shoes. ”

- Stacey G.